Salesforce Enhanced Domains

Enhanced Domains are required for sandboxes and non-production orgs in Winter ’23. They are required for production orgs and all other remaining orgs in Spring ’23. You can read more about the change here:

When you enable Enhanced Domains you invoke a number of high-impact changes, one of which results in a new URL structure inside Salesforce. Because of this MoveData will no longer have the correct URL to continue to access Salesforce, and thus manual intervention is required to ensure MoveData continues to operate as expected.

Enabling Enhanced Domains and failing to act on the below advice will result in MoveData being unable to successfully dispatch notifications into your Salesforce instance

We recommend performing the following during a period of low system usage. This will minimise the need for any reprocessing for notifications received after Enhanced Domains is enabled and before MoveData has been re-authorised.

1. Enable Enhanced Domains

Expected Time: 15min

Follow the Salesforce documentation to enable Enhanced Domains:

On completion MoveData will no longer have access to your Salesforce instance. Immediately proceed to the next step to Reauthorise MoveData.

2. Reauthorise MoveData

Expected Time: 5min

Once Enhanced Domains is enabled you must re-authenticate MoveData.

  1. Login to Salesforce as your MoveData user If you don't know your MoveData user, you can find this by opening MoveData from the App Launcher and navigating to Settings --> Authorise MoveData --> Authorised User.

  2. Click "Authorise". Open MoveData from the App Launcher and navigate to Settings --> Authorise MoveData --> Authorised User and click "Authorise". This will inform MoveData of the new Salesforce URL and ensure MoveData continues to execute under the existing user.

Congratulations, MoveData is now compatible with Enhanced Domains.

3. Check for Failed Notifications

Expected Time: 5min

If you received any notifications after Enhanced Domains was enabled and before MoveData was re-authorised these will appear with a status of "Failed" (MoveData will also have dispatched a failure notification to the email address on file). To reprocess these into Salesforce:

  1. Open MoveData from the App Launcher and navigate to Notifications

  2. Assess if you have any recent notifications with a status of "Failed"

  3. If so, open the notification and click "Reprocess" to reprocess push this information back into Salesforce

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