Quick Start Guide

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer support. MoveData offers a full onboarding process completely free of charge which we encourage all customers to use. Please reach out at [email protected].

1. Install MoveData

  • Install MoveData from Salesforce AppExchange: https://www.movedata.io/appexchange
  • Open MoveData and follow the onboarding wizard to authorise MoveData and install the requisite Extensions
  • If you wish to assess MoveData we recommend installing into a sandbox first

2. Connect Integration(s)

  • Click "Integrations"
  • Follow the prompts to connect your chosen integration(s) into Salesforce

3. Push Data into Salesforce

  • Generate events inside the platform you connected and watch the data push into Salesforce
  • Note that different platforms have different APIs and as such data may run into Salesforce on different schedules (i.e. some are real time, some are in 10-min intervals, some are overnight - it is dependent on the platform you connect and how frequently their data refreshes)

4. Check for Errors

  • Click "Notifications"
  • If your notification displays a status of Success then skip to the next step
  • If your notification displays a status of Failed then open it to see what the error was
    • Errors on install are typically permission or validation related
    • Add the necessary permission(s) or remove the restrictive validation(s) and click "Reprocess" until the notification displays a status of Success
    • You can also visit Troubleshooting if you have further queries

5. Check Duplicate Rules

  • The integration will use any applicable duplicate rules for the purpose of record matching
  • This is further detailed under Duplicate Detection
  • For organisations just starting out we recommend using the following:
    • Contacts: Fuzzy match on First Name, Exact match on Last Name, Exact match on Email or Personal Email
    • Accounts: Exact match on Name
  • Please note duplicate rules must be set to Report and not Alert
  • It is simple to include or exclude the integration from particular rules using Conditions

6. Configure Page Layouts

  • There are a number of fields which MoveData will set and Organisations will often want to add to their page layouts
  • See Data Library for list fo available default fields

7. Check for Required Changes

  • If you have customised Salesforce, or capture custom data in your connected platform, you may wish to support this in your MoveData integration
  • This is further detailed under Customisation