Toggle NPSP Triggers at run-time

Toggle NPSP Trigger based logic from Flows, including suppressing GAU creation

Occasionally, you will want to suppress the execution of specific NPSP triggers. This could be soft crediting, GAU allocations to opportunities. To achieve this, MoveData has created a Flow Component to enable the suppression of NPSP triggers to be overridden at execution time, limited to the current execution.

This is an evolution to a Salesforce article on Disable Trigger Handlers for the NPSP ("Disable Specific Trigger Handlers").

Identifying Triggers

To identify the installed NPSP triggers, you can execute the following SOQL command:

SELECT Id, Name, npsp__Object__c, npsp__Class__c, npsp__Active__c from npsp__Trigger_Handler__c

Example: Disabling GAU Allocation for Opportunities

In this example, we will disable the default NPSP logic which creates a NPSP GAU allocation based on an opportunities parent campaign.

To achieve this, implement the md_npsp_pack__ToggleNpspTriggerFlowComponent Action within a Donation Mapping extension flow.

To suppress the GAU Allocation, you are disabling the ALLO_Allocations_TDTM NPSP Trigger Class on the Opportunity object.

This component can be used in conditional logic where the default NPSP GAU allocation is active and, in particular circumstances, is disabled using this component and replaced with logic within the flow.

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