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MoveData automatically connects information from popular platforms Nonprofits use into Salesforce. Typically this will:
  • Save you a truckload of time
  • Ensure your data in Salesforce is accurate, consistent, and comprehensive
  • Enable your organisation with real-time capabilities (think live reporting, marketing automation etc)
It's easy to implement MoveData - it usually takes about 5 minutes with a bit of clicking around - and it's also easy to customise your MoveData integrations so they align with your business requirements in Salesforce.
The purpose of MoveData Docs is to answer common questions and provide technical commentary around what you might be trying to achieve with MoveData.

🤔 Considering implementing MoveData?

The best place to start is to book a demo with us. In just 30-mins we'll show you a live demo so you can see exactly how MoveData functions, and answer any questions you might have as to how MoveData might be applied to your Nonprofit.

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