We often find Orgs use 99% of MoveData's default business logic but need to customise around the edges to accomodate bespoke data captured in connected source platforms or unique business logic which needs to be respected when publishing information into Salesforce.
The good news is that this is insanely supportable thanks to the way MoveData is written:
  • Our configuration components are written in Lightning Flows which means no Apex skills are required
  • Our core flows are installed as a managed package which means you can upgrade them and receive new features as they are released
  • Customisation can be implemented using extension flows which "piggyback" off core flows to set any additional detail needed and in doing so tailor the integration(s) to your Org's requirements
If you're not overly familiar with Salesforce the above statement might leave you scratching your head, but watch one of our customisation demo videos to see how easy it is, or engage MoveData or your Salesforce Administrator / Partner to customise for you.
Examples of customisation which can be easily implemented into your integrations:
  • Default Values: you need a particular value to always be set, like a certain record type when someone creates a fundraising page
  • Custom Mappings: you capture a custom response when someone makes a donation and you need that information pushed into a particular field in Salesforce
  • Conditional Logic: you need to set information but only under certain conditions, for instance you want to set lead source to {platform} but only when lead source is empty so as not to overwrite an existing value
  • Inheritance: for instance you've set particular values on a campaign and you need those values to inherit onto any opportunities associated with that campaign
  • Custom Objects: you've created a custom object or installed a third party application which needs some other record created when a donation is pushed into Salesforce
Literally anything and everything can be implemented into your MoveData integrations so don't be shy to give it a go, or reach out to us or your Salesforce Administrator or Partner to implement it for you! As policy, and to get you up and running quickly, MoveData provides a free 0.5d hands on customisation to all new customers who need it.