Row Locks

Row locks can occur when related notifications are processed into Salesforce simultaneously. These can manifest as errors in Salesforce:

  • UNABLE_TO_LOCK_ROW, unable to obtain exclusive access to this record.

  • The record you are attempting to edit, or one of its related records, is currently being modified by another user. Please try again.

For example, when a recurring donation is processed the connected platform may dispatch two notifications simultaneously - that a new donation has been made, and that the recurring donation has been updated. Both notifications seek to update the same recurring donation record in Salesforce, but only one update can be made at a particular point in time. The result is that Salesforce responds with a row locking error for notification trying to execute against the record which is already locked.

MoveData uses a rollback and retry mechanism which attempts to execute the erroring notification three times before producing a status of Failed. In the majority of cases this will resolve the error, for when the notification is reprocessed the second time around the lock on the record will have been released.

As such you should disregard row locking errors - these only need to be investigated if MoveData produces a status of Failed.

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