PayPal Giving Fund


CSV Import

Default Fields


Click "New Integration" from the integrations screen to setup your PayPal Giving Fund integration.

Import CSV

Find your PayPal Giving Fund integration from the integrations screen and click "Upload CSV File". Here you can select the CSV file you wish to import and click "Upload".
  • You must upload PayPal Giving Fund Payout files - PayPal Giving Fund Activity files are not supported
  • Do not modify files prior to uploading - MoveData only supports the file structure as directly exported from PayPal Giving Fund
  • Upload files singularly - wait for your file to finish importing before starting a new import


Anonymous Contacts

Where PayPal Giving Fund has not provided personal information for donations MoveData will match respective opportunity records against the anonymous contact configured in Settings.

Consolidate Anonymous Donations

Consolidation only occurs against anonymous donations - any donations which are not anonymous will be processed into Salesforce in the usual manner
MoveData allows you to consolidate multiple donations made by anonymous contacts. This is to preserve storage limits in Salesforce. Consolidation can be set to Off, Monthly or Daily and will consolidate per campaign, per interval as the following example demonstrates:
Consolidated in Salesforce
10 x $1 anonymous donations
1 x $10 opportunity dated 1-Jan
20 x $2 anonymous donations
1 x $40 opportunity dated 1-Feb

​Campaign Hierarchy

MoveData creates the following campaign hierarchy:
  • PayPal Giving Fund: PayPal
  • PayPal Giving Fund: Facebook
  • PayPal Giving Fund: GoFundMe
Additionally you can configure MoveData to process additional levels of detail into the campaign hierarchy:
Campaign Hierarchy
Create PayPal Campaigns
PayPal Giving Fund: PayPal
Create PayPal Campaigns
Creates campaigns to represent source PayPal records
PayPal Giving Fund: PayPal - Mobile App Donations
Create Fundraiser Campaigns
PayPal Giving Fund: Facebook
Create Fundraiser Campaigns
Creates campaigns to represent fundraiser records
PayPal Giving Fund: Facebook - Tom's Birthday Fundraiser


MoveData Extension

PayPal Giving Fund uses the Fundraising & Donations Extension
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