MoveData Settings allow you to quickly configure and fine tune your integrations.



Authorise MoveData

When a notification is processed by MoveData it executes under an authorised user. This is the user responsible for creating and updating records. To update the authorised user you must login as the desired user and click the "Authorise" button. Please ensure the authorised user has the necessary Salesforce permissions.

Error Notifications

MoveData will dispatch a failure email if an error occurs when processing a notification into Salesforce. Enter the email address you wish to notify when a failure occurs.


With logging enabled MoveData will record detailed technical logs as records are processed into Salesforce. Logs are invaluable for debugging errors and understanding how the integration behaves at each stage as your notification is processed into Salesforce. We recommend starting with Log Level Info and adjusting as required.


MoveData Extensions are a collection of Lightning Flows and associated metadata responsible for processing information from connected platforms into Salesforce. Being a managed package they are upgradeable over time as MoveData incorporates new features and functionality into integrations. Unless you are a developer looking to build out a completely custom handler for processing information from MoveData into Salesforce you must install the appropriate MoveData Extension(s).

  • Fundraising & Donations Extension Supports processing of fundraising and donation information in Salesforce. Used for the following integrations: Facebook, GoFundMe, JustGiving, PayPal Giving Fund, Good2Give, Raisely, Funraisin', Grassrootz, Frontstream, Pixo, Everyday Hero.

  • Forms Extension Supports processing of form submission activity into Salesforce. Used for the following integrations: Google Forms, DoGooder.

Extension Settings

Depending on the extension you have installed, you will be able to edit the relevant settings for that extension. For the purpose of this article we will use the Fundraising & Donations Extension Settings and only cover the settings adjusted more frequently.


Anonymous Contact

Contact Lookup

An anonymous contact is used where the connected platform does not provide information on the fundraiser or donor. Here you can specify the contact to be used in these scenarios.


  • Ignore DoNotContact Sets Do Not Contact to True where the source platform has determined Newsletter Opt In as False Default: Ignore DoNotConta

Configure how MoveData processes Contact records into Salesforce

Campaign Members

  • Create Fundraising-Specific Campaign Members Creates Campaign Member Statuses Default: Generate Campaign Members

  • Delete Existing Campaign Member Statuses Deletes non-MoveData Campaign Member Statuses from your campaign (useful if you get conflicts against historical campaign member statuses) Default: Co-exist with Existing Campaign Member Statuses

Configure how MoveData processes Campaign Member records into Salesforce


  • Ignore Offline Donations Processes donations with a status of Offline into Salesforce Default: Do Not Process Offline Donations

  • Subtract Platform Fee from Amount Adds or removes the platform fee in scenarios where donors have covered a platform fee in their donation Default: Use Amount As Provided

  • Mark Donations as Private when Anonymous Sets Private to True where the donation has been made anonymously Default: Do not mark as Private

  • Create Soft Credit Creates an Opportunity Contact Role of Soft Credit for the fundraiser responsible for soliciting the donation Default: Create Opportunity Contact Role (Soft Credit)

Configure how MoveData processes Opportunity records into Salesforce

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