General FAQ

How much does MoveData cost? See Pricing. There are no setup fees and the subscription is month-to-month in nature.
Which integrations does MoveData support? Current integrations are listed here; you can also view our integration roadmap. If the integration you require is not there, please reach out so we can incorporate it or - at the very least - add it to our integration roadmap.
How does MoveData detect duplicates? See Duplicate Detection
What's the recommended pathway to Go Live? We recommend (1) installing in a sandbox, (2) connecting your integration(s) and reviewing the baseline data being set, (3) identifying and implementing any customisations as required, and (4) installing in production (and moving any customisations across if need be)
How can I customise my integration? See Customisation. If you have Salesforce Administrator skills you can likely customise yourself (all customisation is based in Lightning Flows). Else, your Salesforce Partner or MoveData can customise your integration for you.
What happens if my integrations errors? MoveData will send an email alerts containing details of the failure. Typically errors are permission or validation related and can be quickly addressed. If you are customising your integration, then you may receive other errors based on how you have implemented your customisation and if your implementation contains any bugs. If you have further questions, see Troubleshooting or log a ticket by emailing [email protected].
How does MoveData handle donations made in foreign currency? It depends on if you have Multiple Currencies enabled in Salesforce, and what data the connected platform sends through - for more information see Foreign Currency Donations
Does MoveData support General Accounting Units? Yes - see General Accounting Units
What if I have a large event? We can likely handle it - see Burst Capacity Events
Can MoveData push information from Salesforce back to the connected platform? No. Data is written from the connected platform into Salesforce and not the other way.
What if I don't use Salesforce NPSP? MoveData works with non-NPSP Orgs, but typically there is more setup required. Please contact us if you would like to use MoveData but do not use NPSP.
Can I get a discount? Not ordinarily, but please reach our if you believe you have valid reasons for a discount

Security FAQ

Does MoveData store information? Yes - for the purpose of reprocessing notifications should they fail to process successfully. Information is stored in S3 and purged on a 90-day rolling basis
Is data encrypted in transit and at rest? Yes - we use AES-256 level encryption which is the strongest practical encryption standard available. Encryption keys are managed by KMS and CloudHSM.
How does MoveData manage permissions? Permissions can be granted, changed or revoked in Salesforce or in the platform(s) you connect to MoveData. In Salesforce, you can install MoveData under any permission set and can revoke MoveData under Installed Packages.
Has MoveData undertaken external security audits? MoveData passed AppExchange Security Review in July 2021
Has MoveData had security beaches in the past? No
Does MoveData support Multi Factor Authentication? MoveData is accessible through Salesforce. As such multi factor authentication and various other security settings can be enabled through Salesforce.
How does MoveData ensure continual uptime? MoveData uses Auto Scaling to ensure continuity as infrastructure demands scale up and down, and employs Multi AZ architecture to ensure continual uptime in the event one data center experiences an outage.